Sunday, August 11, 2013

A walk on the beach

A Saturday morning walk on the beach

Saturday morning in August.
A perfect time for my husband and me to take our dog Lisa for a walk on the beach. 
Join us, to one of my favorite places of Israel's marvelous Mediterranean beaches. 

Parking our car in the car lot, and the blue color, already makes me smile.
Isn't this beautiful?

Shades of blue, from the palest azure to turquoise. The beautiful Mediterranean sea. 

Down the stairs we go. This is the perfect time to come.
Not too crowded yet. 
Let's start walking.

Shallow waters, a lighter shade of blue here, framed by the white seafoam

Just steps away from the public beach, and the wave sounds surround you.
We are not alone, some fisherman are still here. Came long before us, will probably leave soon.

Catching fish. An island of quiet, just meters away from the public beach.

We are taking in, the sounds, the textures.
I am turning into a 5 year old girl and start collecting shells :-)

Waves come and go, massaging the bare feet. I love foot massage :-)

Unexpected beauty everywhere. Waiting for us to take the time and notice it.

The water is warm, and blue and clean. I just love walking in the waves.

That's me!

Unlike our wonderful Lisa, who must be the only Golden Retriever in the world who hates water. 
We call her our 'sand dog'!

...and here with our much loved dog Lisa! Adopted this very month, 3 years ago from an animal shelter. 

I love being here. 
Not only it is a beautiful place, it is a great place for people watching. 
The families, who finally have some time to be together

Building sand castles. Building trust. Collecting memories. 

The couples, looking for a bit of sea and sun

Life is meant to be enjoyed. At every age.

We also take the time to talk, to make plans, to fill up the reservoirs before the new week starts.
....and as usual, an idea starts shaping up in my mind.

Will let it rest the night and draw it in my sketch book tomorrow.

Time to head back home, hope you enjoyed walking with us.

Me and my better half.
This is the smile I want him to remember in the midst of stressed meetings next week.

I love to share the places and the things that inspire me with you.
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Why don't you join me there as well?

If all goes well, 
in the next post, I hope to show you what came out of this walk on the beach

...want a hint? It involves an Aquamarine :-)

Going to the workbench now
Talk to you soon



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