Saturday, March 22, 2014

The story of a jewelry collection, "Gentle Strenght" - The concept

Nandina buds in my garden 
For most of us, the first encounter with a jewelry collection is when we see it in a store, boutique or gallery.
For the maker of the pieces - this is the last mile in a fascinating journey.

Starting to work on a new collection, and decided to document the process.

Every collection has a starting point. An idea, an inspiration.
This collection is a bit different, as it is a personal statement rather than a design exercise around a theme.

"Gentle strength"
Lalique at its best - hair adornment
so delicate, yet functional and strong 

Its starting point?

The deepest source lies in my memories of father's gentle strength and calm. 

It is influenced by my love of nature. Looking at the tiny buds on the trees – you can only wonder how can something so delicate and fragile, face the spring winds – and still blossom.

It definitely has something to do with the deep admiration I have of Art Nouveau jewelry, and the genius of Lalique – but this is not new to those who read my previous post.

I believe that jewelry, as a piece of wearable art - can be more than aesthetically pleasing.
It can reflect our beliefs as well as our style.
Jewelry can talk.

It can tell the world, in graceful lines and precious metal that true strength does not have to be aggressive,
Or pushy, or loud
That shouting – is not the only way, maybe not even the best way to make yourself heard

That if there is a lesson to learn from nature, it is that strength comes in many shapes and forms

To quote Henry David Thoreau:
“The finest workers in stone are not copper or steel tools, but the gentle touches of air and water working at their leisure with a liberal allowance of time.”

So there it is,
The root concept, the design compass for the emerging jewelry collection

“Gentle strength”

The graceful shape of ' snow bells'. When I was a child in Romania -
a close relative of this flower was the first to emerge from the snow. 
Who do I envision wearing it?

A woman who intuitively understands that delicacy and gentleness can be signs of strength.
Who does not feel the need to show off, but wants to express herself - 
in what she does, what she says, and yes….also in the choice of jewelry she wears.

A woman who will not spend 20,000$ on a necklace, but will also stay away from a cheap pair of Chanel imitation earrings. 

A woman who is gentle and strong at the same time.

Do you know such woman?
It is with her in mind, that I start designing the pieces in my new collection.

“Gentle strength”
Drawing in the studio

Returning to my workbench, to sketch (I have pages of sketches already…),
make models and start molding this concept in precious metal.
Will share the ideas in the next part ....

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Venice reflections - inspirations and insights from a magical city

Helen Keller said once that "Of all senses, sight must be the most delightful"
For most of us, seeing is an automatic act.
We just need to open our eyes - and we see.

But what happens, when we start actively looking at things, rather then just seeing?

Here is an ordinary picture taken from a speedboat.
My husband and I making our entrance to Venice on a taxi - boat that takes us from the airport to the hotel.

Lots of fun, but the picture itself ...
nothing special, not even too pretty ...

But here is what happens, when the photographer (my husband :) ) raises his eyes a bit -

Oh, yes - THIS is NOT boring.
Now look at the previous picture.
See it? The reflection was there all the just had to look and notice it.

Last week, I've been immersed in history, art, carnival and colors in Venice, Italy.
And I had the privilege of having a wonderful photographer guide who taught us difference between passively seeing and actively looking for different and interesting angles.

Take the costumes for example. They are stunning. Beautiful. Amazing.

Venice Carnival 2014
But look what happens when the costume is photographed with its the shadow on the old church wall.

Costume and Shadow at Basilica di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Italy 

Seeing the reflections in the canal waters - I finally understood what Monet and Degas painted.

They did not paint water ...

They painted the light, the trees, and the colors reflected in the waters, blurred by the soft motion of the waves.

Just look at these photos - don't they remind you of their paintings?

As majestic as palaces are -
they become even more so, seen with their reflection on the wet stone floor.

The Doge Palace, Venice on a rainy day. 
This short 5 days vacation filled me with inspiration and insights to last for years.
The first thing I did when we came home, was to create a short video to capture these in a way I could remember and share how I see this wonderful city.

... and right after this - ran to the sketchbook and workbench to work on my new jewelry collection.
If all goes well, maybe I can share a bit about it on the next post ...

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Wishing you an inspiring day, and don't forget to look around you ....