Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Good reasons to fall in love with silver jewelry ....and I am NOT talking about price

I have to confess that until two years ago, I never wore silver jewelry.
Delicate gold chains, the standard thin gold ring, occasionally a small pair of gold earrings.
Then, I started to create jewelry, and fell in love with silver.
Not just as a designer - but as a woman who appreciates beautiful things.

Why, you ask?

Well, if you look for a piece of jewelry that stands out from the crowd
.....chances are it will be in silver
(not many will play creative with gold - better to go safe and create pieces that will sell...)

Sterling silver, 18k gold pearls and diamonds , marie cianciolo, silver jewelry
Bird bath ring by Marie Cianciolo. Sterling silver, 18k gold pearls and diamonds 

Silver, is a jewelry artist dream come true.
It can take a thousand shapes, forms and colors.
It can be formed into wearable sculptures.

silver ring, laura mains, silver jewelry
Silver ring by Laura Mains

It can be blackened ( oxidized ) and combined with gold for a rustic look

keum boo ring, Curnow jewelry, silver jewelry
Oxidized silver and gold ring, by Robert Curnow 

It complements natural stones beautifully.
How many gold pieces of jewelry have you seen that showcase amazing stones such as this Ocean Jasper?
Most gold jewelry pieces will be combined with expensive stones only, after all, when someone looks for a gold ring - they look for the Diamond or Sapphire.

silver pendant with ocean jasper, butterfly pendant by akvjewelry
My very own silver butterfly pendant, showcasing a forest green Ocean Jasper wing

The fact that silver is a less costly material to work with, drives artists to combine it with different metals.
Here is a beautiful ring where silver is combined with copper and brass using a special technique called Mokume Gane.


mokume gane ring, dafna dagan, silver jewelry
Mokume Gane ring by Dafna Dagan

And surprise, surprise - lately more and more artists start combining silver with diamonds.
Silver and colored diamonds, in particular, create a wonderful naturalistic combination.

sterling silver with brown diamonds, Pedro Boregard, silver jewelry
Alligator cuffs in sterling silver with brown diamonds by Pedro Boregard 

Yes, I can hear you say, but silver tarnishes with age. 
You are right, it does. 
But is this necessarily a problem?

Soft, muted finished silver jewelry, only gains in beauty as time passes.

To quote designer Christine Huber
"...when silver oxidizes with time, it subtly suggests the aging and survival of a relationship....seeing a woman wearing a blackened ring with diamonds, suggests the longevity and endurance of a loving relationship"

How can you not fall in love with this?
I can't.

Would love to hear from you, so leave your comments below and let me know:
Do you own silver jewelry?
Are you tempted to look for your special piece now?
Anything you would like to ask, or know more about?

Can't wait to hear from you,


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