Saturday, August 24, 2013

A true story on cats, artist workshops and cherished memories

This is a true story, in 2 parts
Spread across 10+ years and 2 countries
Whether this story is about human emotions, jewelry techniques or the real value of 1 Euro -
I guess it's for you to judge

Part 1: Den Haag, Nederlands

The time - about 10 years ago.
Pavel and I (dating at that time, not married yet), are taking a couple of days off between meetings.

Den Haag, Nederland

Lousy weather, cold and rainy.
We walk past a shop, and I spot a cute little cat statue, in the traditional blue and white Delft colors.

Traditional blue and white Delft colors cats

As he knew I am collecting miniature cats, Pavel walks into the store
....only to emerge a copule of minutes later with a sheepish look and say - 
'Can you loan me one Euro - I do not have any money on me'

This was the beginning of a much loved story in our family.
I, of course graciously handed him a Euro, 
He bought the cat
I never agreed to 'let him pay the loan'
And this turned out to be the most favorite cat in my collection, as well as a funny story to be told numerous times :-)

Let's pause for a minute - take a look at some other feline members of this collection
before we move to the 2nd chapter of the story.

'What is this? Looks like a new friend!'

Here is a couple of cats from a nice store in Prague's Jewish quarter

Wooden cats, the smaller one goes inside the bigger one

A beautiful Lladro cat, my mom brought from a trip to Spain

A tiny crystal cat

'Would you be my friend?'

And, now - let's fast forward 10 years, to the 2nd part of the story-

Part 2 - Shenkar, School of Design, Israel

As my academic studies were in Software Engineering,
I was really excited to join an Artist workshop, at Shenkar school of Design in Israel.
Imagine - me at Shenkar! :-)

The workshop was led by Attai Chen, an artist who creates in various materials - metal, paper, even one work where he gold plated sardines! (real ones ...)

The subject of the workshop was 'Ornaments and patterns', and as part of this workshop, Attai would teach us a special technique that can be used to replicate objects.
(after all patterns are all about repeating a basic unit).

The workshop participants were asked to bring a small object they would like to replicate.
Can you guess what I brought??
You are absolutely right!
Imagine my husband's face, when I told him at the end of the workshop I have a surprise for him,
And handed him ...

A perfect wax mold of my beloved cats! 

Thinking, about the next steps:

- Make it into an ice cube - so he can enjoy it every time he makes a Pastis drink?
- A chocolate cat - to be offered, when a smile is needed

What do you think? Any ideas?

If you want to know how to make such molds,
send me your email - and I will send you written instructions with some pictures I took. 

To end this post, here is a beautiful quote by Jean de Boufflers
"Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance the lasting perfume"

A cat to be definitely remembered now!

Wishing you, 
to enjoy every moment,
...and from time to time - capture them, for lifetime memories.

Bye, until the next post - 

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