Friday, August 16, 2013

A ring with a story - my 'walk on a beach' ring is born

This is not an Agatha Christie story, so we can start from the end.
Really proud to share with you, my story ring - 'A walk on the beach'

blue topaz silver ring by akvjewelry, story ring
Look carefully next time you go for a walk on the beach, who knows what treasures you may find

What do you do when you come home from the beach?
Shower, have a large glass of cool tea, go for a nap?
From the moment we left the beach last week, I started to think about designing a ring.
A ring that will tell the story of the warm sand texture, bring in the rougher shape of the pebbles.

All shapes of pebbles and broken shells, smoothed by the waves

And of course, the blue transparent color of the sea.
Searching for just the right stone.
Aquamarine? Peruvian Opal?
After 2 gemstone stores, the perfect stone appears.
A 9mm round and clear Blue Topaz.

Blue Topaz, the December birthstone, light blue, clear and sparkling 

Now, to the ring itself.
Silver, clean and simple.
Sand texture from the outside, smooth and shiny on the inside.
A sculpted cup to hold the stone. Something to bring the pebbles and shells into the story.

See the texture on the ring, still a bit too shiny - but the texture is there 

One more things is missing, the fun of walking barefoot and finding treasures
a beautiful shell, sparking sea glass
a surprise.
Tiny diamonds, dark, brown - providing a spark in unexpected places.
For this, I need to visit Roman, my magic stone setter...and here it is:

Three hidden diamonds, set asymmetrically, one on the cup and 2 on the shank 

All done? Not yet. We need some pictures, to help visualize the story. 
And where is the best place to take the pictures?
Back to the beach, of course.
And here I turn into a photographer this time!

A first picture, with the ring on my hand. Hard to get the right angle,
 let's take some photos with the ring in the sand
Oh, yes!! And another one ....
Great! But I want some wave in the picture as well, let's wait for one
Here it comes! Perfect 

Wait a minute, Whoa....that's not what I meant!

Where is my ring???


Here is the ring! Diamonds in the waves.

A happy photographer, resting in the sun, listening to the waves

amy kanka valadarsky

A few more photos at home, 
Without waves this time....

And my new story ring is ready to go

Sitting pretty in a handsome wood box

The End.

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  1. Beautiful Ring and Story. Jewelry made from the heart. LOVE LOVE LOVE

    1. Thank you my dear. This is exactly what I want to achieve. Jewelry that can touch your heart.

      Have a sunny day :-)

  2. I was in love the first time I saw this ring. I have been just praying I can get it so I have an everyday reminder of the beach :)

    1. I think Lena, your prayers are going to be heard :)