Monday, September 23, 2013

Autumn lovers jewelry sale - coupon code for 30% off inside!

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A collage of autumn pleasures

What is autumn for me?

A symphony of colors, Impressionistic painting, like only nature can create
....a time for new beginnings, whether the (Jewish) new year, school year, the first rain
.....a time to start making heart warming soups
......a time to be thankful for the many blessings in our live

No other season has inspired me to create more,
...and no other time would be better for a sale of a few selected pieces of jewelry that were either inspired by autumn, or feature fall colors

Clicking the link next to each one of the pictures will take you to this item on my ETSY shop, where you can see more pictures, information and purchase.

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           until October 15
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           to get these selected pieces at 30% off!!! *****

indian agate necklace by akvjewelry
Indian Agate Y shaped necklace by akvjewelry

One of the oldest stones recorded in history, the variety of Agate stones is endless.
This necklace features a variety of Agate semiprecious beads: Indian Agate, Red Agate, Chalcedony.

For more info click on link below:
Indian Agate necklace by akvjewelry

#silver #lapis #necklace by akvjewelry
Lapis double strand necklace by akvjewelry

Lapis lazuli.
Loved by Pharaohs in ancient Egypt.
The blue color of Lapis was so appreciated, that stones were grounded into powder used for paintings - the finest and most expensive of blue pigments.

For more info click on link below:
Double strand Lapis and silver necklace by akvjewelry

Tourmaline leaf necklace

More than a hundred Tourmaline nuggets, hand-knotted patiently - usually this is how you create pearl necklaces.
Each nugget has its own space - together creating a medley of fall colors.

For more info click on link below:
Long tourmaline necklace with leaf by akvjewelry

#red creek #jasper #silver #pendant by akvjewelry
Red Creek Jasper statement pendant in silver
Red Creek Jasper, originating in China. Some would call it a semiprecious stone - I think it is a natural painting.
Rivaling Van Gogh very best impressionist painting.
Set in sterling silver with a vintage silver chain.
...should I add it is one of a kind?

For more info click on link below:
Statement Red Creek pendant by akvjewelry

Yellow Agate lariat 
The last piece in this sale, a graceful yellow Agate lariat.

Sterling silver, yellow agate and Citrine -
beautiful yellow hues in a very versatile necklace.

Part of an full set including earrings and a bracelet - the 30% coupon sale can be applied towards any of the pieces - 3 links below

1.The yellow agate necklace by akvjewelry

2.The bracelet

3.The earrings

Do you like the jewelry I design?
Would love to hear from you.
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Bye, until next post

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